5 Anime You Haven’t Watched (Because You Probably Don’t Watch Anime)

But I do, so I get to tell you about 5 of the ones on Netflix that I have seen and really enjoyed. So sit back, dye your hair a different color, get dramatic about everything, and let’s dive in:


  1. The Seven Deadly Sins


This is a really good anime and a Netflix original series. This show revolves around a princess trying to find the most dangerous and renowned knights in the kingdom, who are called (you guessed it) the Seven Deadly Sins, to save the land. The characters are fun, the world that they live in is mysterious and magical, and there are some great fights. This is a pretty fun and light series to start out with if you’ve never watched any anime.

  1. Fate/Stay Night [Unlimited Blade Works]


So, from what I’ve seen online, people give this anime a lot of crap because it obviously had a large budget. The fight scenes are some of the coolest and intricate fights that I’ve seen in an anime, so you can bet a lot of time and money was spent choreographing and animating them. The story follows seven different mages, known as Masters, and their Servants, who are heroic spirits from either the past, present, or future (such as Gilgamesh, King Arthur, Hercules, etc.). The seven mages compete in a battle royale for an item known as the Holy Grail, which grants any person one wish. This is another good anime to start with if you’re not too sure where to begin and want to watch something light and fun.

  1. Attack on Titan


Oh man. Okay, warning: this anime is extremely graphic, so if you have a weak stomach, I wouldn’t recommend watching this. But also WATCH THIS. This was one of the first anime I watched, and let me tell you, I was so not ready. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The story is set in some sort of alternate/post-apocalyptic universe where humans have been almost eradicated by huge, wandering beings known as Titans. Humans live inside of an enormous walled city (think Ba Sing Se for all you Last Airbender fans) and the titans roam around outside of the walls, generally not bothering the humans…until one day when they start bothering the humans and eating them. Then things get crazy. I can’t recommend this show enough.

  1. Death Note


Because no anime list is complete without Death Note, and it happens to be on Netflix. If you like mind games, logic wars, and magic notebooks that kill people if you write their name in it, then this is the show for you. The main character, Light, is an anti-hero to a T. Half the time, you’re not even sure if you even like the guy. Sure, he starts off just writing down criminals’ names in the notebook, but what happens when people start asking questions about how all of the criminals have been dying? Gotta love moral dilemmas…

  1. Knights of Sidonia


This is another Netflix original anime. The animation style is almost CGI-ish; everything appears to have depth, more so than a regular anime. KOS takes place in space in the year 3394. Humans have left Earth (because they trashed the place) and are trying to find a new, hospitable planet. They travel in a gigantic ship called Sidonia, which houses about 500,000 people, and fight off attacks from giant, blobby monsters called Gauna. This is mainly a mecha anime, so there’s a good amount of large space battles between the Gauna and robots. A lot of fun, and I look forward to the next season.


There you have it. If you want to watch some anime, or even if you’re just curious what it’s like, check out any of these on Netflix.

Don’t worry, folks. I’m creating a different list with non-anime TV shows, so be sure to check it out too!

(P.S. The featured image there at the top is from a fantastic anime called Cowboy Bebop and it’s not on Netflix, but you should watch it as well.)



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  1. Death Note is one of my favorite anime of all time. I fear that the live action adaption will be a mess though. Can’t wait for the second season of Attack on Titan. Unlimited Blade Works was good in my opinion. Not as good as Zero perhaps, but still better than the Studio Deen series.


  2. Great list! Have you posted this type of thing on any movie websites before?


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